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Why does American culture need fixing?

To be brief:

  • The United States began as a more-or-less Christian society.
  • Over time, partly through lack of understanding by Christians, and partly due to anti-Christian opposition, America is at the brink of cultural revolution.
  • A cultural revolution will not bring good things.
  • We can avoid this upheaval by returning to God’s rules for society.

Does God really have rules for our society?

God created mankind, but He didn’t just wind us up and let us run amok. He instructed us to do good, and be good, according to His own nature. Being creator, God gets to define what it means to be righteous, just, merciful, loving, patient, and a whole lot of other moral attitudes and behaviors. His instructions to us are written in the Bible.

God’s standards of right and wrong aren’t meant just for Christians. God rules over the whole earth (Isaiah 40:21-23). His authority and rule encompass Christian individuals, non-Christian individuals, Christian nations, and even nations that deny His right to rule.

  • The Old Testament has many episodes where Israel goes astray and God chastises them, prompting them to return to His righteous ways. We also see how the surrounding nations are judged by those same rules (Genesis 15:16; Jonah 1:1-2; Jeremiah 18:7-10).
  • In the New Testament God struck down King Herod for his pride, accepting divine worship and not acknowledging Him (Acts 12:21-23). Paul identifies civil rulers as God’s appointed ministers (Romans 13:1,4), implying that they themselves are accountable to render God’s version of justice (Luke 12:42-48; 1 Corinthians 4:2).

We see that God’s standards certainly apply to the United States, not excluding any part of it or anybody in it.

Why can’t we make our own rules for society?

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said that Russia ended up with Lenin, and Communist rule, because the nation forgot to honor God.[1] If our society continues to implement its own morals, its own ideas of justice, then why won’t we suffer a similar fate? We already see many ills resulting from doing our own thing.

  • We claim to allow equal rights, but often the rights you really have depend on bribes (campaign donations) or current political fashion.
  • Justice is replaced with unrighteous combinations of money, power, and partisan politics.
  • Freedom of speech really exists only for the politically favored, while righteous people are suppressed, or driven out of public discourse, hiding for fear of thuggery.

“Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.”

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

If we forget God well enough, then maybe we will end up like so many Communist nations and exterminate millions of our own people, simply because they are inconvenient or a political threat. Far fetched? These may be the United States, but without God we can become as wicked as anyplace else.

A society having no lasting, permanent, morals actually has no morals at all. There will be merely a guidebook of convenient behaviors dictated by the current ruling clique.[2] These approved behaviors will be replaced in due course by the next set of rulers. Instead of playing this painful game of “overthrow the culture,” let’s rediscover the blessings of being a law-abiding society, one buttressed by laws and morals that are authoritative and permanent.

Why this blog exists

This blog concerns itself with teaching God’s standards, and applying them onto timely topics in American society. If you want gossip, power politics, or cat pictures, seek them elsewhere.

The main feature of this blog are long, in-depth studies of social or economic problems. The studies generally follow this pattern:

  • The post presents a problem, quoting speeches and articles that explain why the problem exists.
  • The Bible is consulted for morals and rules useful for judging the presented issues.
  • Biblical solutions and approaches are suggested.

Another feature will be “Socialist Smackdowns.” Being that a socialist future is actively being pushed upon us, this sort of post explains a socialist buzzword or phrase.

  • It tells you what the phrase really means, and why the idea behind it is bad.
  • It suggests comebacks useful in conversation or argument.

Finally, there are simple news posts. A post highlights a notable event or speech, and briefly discusses it in view of Bible values. If I think highly enough of the post’s topic then this will result in a later in-depth study.

Some articles were previously published

Over recent years I’ve published articles for Illinois Family Institute. Many of these articles will get republished here. A republished article will end with a note of prior publication.

Author: Oliver Perry

Oliver lives in the Midwest. He hopes, and believes, that you, too, will study God and how His ways are good for America. If enough people act on this conviction then we’ll manage to Fix This Culture.


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